Thursday, February 25, 2010

Need to say more....

When you love a friend, you would wish for all her dreams to come true.
A box of creamy cuppies for someone dearest to you...

My returned customer. Thanks for the order Syuhada.

Twilight maniac..!

I was so exited when I got asked to bake a 'Twilight' birthday cake and cuppies for my ex-collegemate daughter's 21st birthday ( time flies, it seems that only yesterday we graduated from college!).

Her daughter was really into 'Twilight' and heads-over-heel with this so-called Edward Cullen.

I think my friend must planned this months ago...!

Happy 21st Birthday Arlina.
I bet you did not expect to get a Car for your birthday present, eh..?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The more we get together....

I was invited to a friend's house for a Brunch last weekend and wanted to take along something special for her and her guests... So I choose to create something simple, pretty and feminine (not knowing that there were men there as well..!)
The cake for these cuppies was my luscious chocolate and topped with buttercream frosting. Followed by a light sprinkle of silver dragees.

Dali, the excellent host & cook & her dearest friend, Nikki.
(p/s: Dali was too engrosed with her cooking and this candid photo was taken before Dali was able to freshen-up! Oops ...Sorry Dali)
aah..... she feels fresh now...
Layla, one of Dali's lovely children and her best friends (Nikki's kids).
Again, thanks Dali for inviting us..... the food was.... 'off-the-hook'!


Here is a peek to my silence....
Thanks E-Chom for the order

Thanks Najiha for the order

Thanks Syuhada for the order

Thanks Fatin for the order

Thanks Nadia for the order

Thanks Shima for the order

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simply Simple....

A customer wants a very simple Chinese New Year's cupcakes.
So, I went for simple, simple, simple.....

Gong Xi Fa Chai...

In case you are wondering why everything around you has suddenly turned shades of red, remember that the mushiest day of the year is coming up this weekend..

Yup.. Chinese New Year is just around the corner...

Wishing All those who celebrates Chinese New Year...

What can I say....

When cuppies are baked for whatever occasions... or decorated wholeheartedly, for the baker, the sweetness stays. But only for a little while. The moment the cuppies are relinguished to the rightful owner, the baker often pauses to savour the last glimpse before she walks away....
This school girl asked me if I could bake some cuppies for her mummy & daddy in conjuction with the coming Valentines Day. She has been saving her pocket allowances for this occasion.
Afiqah.. you are such a sweet child.
Hope your mummy & daddy like the cuppies.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thats what friends are for....

The notice was ...barely 24 hrs.... (I normally don't take last minute order)
This request was from a good friend of mine who wanted some cuppies for her husband's birthday!
..for the sake of friendship..... and.... casting everything aside...
... I came out with these..
Keep smilin', keep shinin'
Knowin' you can always count on me, for sure
That's what friends are for.....

Thanks for the order Maz.
I hope your hubby and the two 'heroes' like the cuppies.

Only the Almighty creates perfect pictures..

Sugar figurines are the sweetest asperities ever imagined by me.
Clueless most of the time, moulding them can take-up hours to days - all in the name of capturing the most acceptable presence as cake or cuppies toppers.
It has never been easy to transfigure the pictoral image you have in mind onto the figurines.
The absence of proper tools is also a governing factor in certain failures.
However, in the end, after numerous unsuccessful attempts, I retired with the thought of only the Almighty creates perfect pictures.
It humbles me tremendously and thats a good feeling.

The 3D-Musketeers were not well.... again...

Get well soon.. Daniel, Dania & Damien..

Am way behind my cupcakes updates...

I am way behind my cupcakes updates.
So before I continue with my entries, I would like to put a pot of kettle on and serve you tea with some cuppies I made recently....
To all my family & friends.... 'THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDERS'

Mummy... I forgot to tell you....

..... Bella's birthday is tomorrow....

I am thankful for:-
a) some flour in the cupboard,
b) 2 last eggs in the carton, and
c) some silver dragees sitting in my kitchen cabinet

.. in the middle of the night, I put on my apron and made pinkish vanila roses cupcakes for the birthday girl..

...the 'BIRTHDAY GIRL'.... Happy Birthday Bella..

We (the girls) celebrated the birthday at 'Bonda Restaurant' Jalan Ampang (near Tesco). Food was excellent. Thank you to Puan Zaiton (the owner/pic) for being an excellent host.
The girls had a good time.
I was there to pick-up the bills..! my daughter (standing far right).. thanks for inviting Mummy. I love you too.. :)