Friday, April 30, 2010

Cupcake-tastic Week

It was almost end of April and I am apprehensive more than exited.
A big order was due, one of the biggest orders I have ever allowed myself for nod in acceptance.
I work with the help of 'ME', 'I' and 'MYSELF' all this while.
The 'non-existance help' often reflects my incapability of accepting orders exceeding the feasible number. Glancing at my small oven, many beg to question my credibility...

Choc-Chips Muffins

Butter & Vanilla Muffins

Chocolate Cuppies between heaps of never ending laundry ...

To All, thanks so much to all who have ordered...

I am 'Golfing'....

The client reqested a theme - GOLF.
I took my inspiration from my many visits to the Golf Course ...

There were dozens cupcakes all up I couldn't get them all in the photo but dont they look totally yummy all lined up in boxes like that..!

Lt Col Wan, Thank You for the orders

Black, Red and White ...

It was a last minute order I received from a very sweet and petite Lady who wanted a 'Hantaran' for her Engagement in Pahang (forgot to ask her which part of Pahang..).
As I was busy working on a big order which is due on Friday, my 'other-half' took the opportunity and assist me with the design.

This 'hantaran' was set to be designed with three colours:
Black, Red and White.
I didn't have to put too many extra decorations.
A black mini flower with one or two silver dragees.

The cupcakes made their own statement.. simple and elegant..!

Thanks Niesha for the order,
and it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday evening
"Selamat Bertunang"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

D - stands for Dragon..!

For the three little 'Ds' in Kajang..
D - stands for DRAGON... !
and D also stands for....
...Danial, Dania and Damian..... yeah....!

Ina, hope those three 'little dragons' of yours like the cuppies.

Don't blame me...

My daughter had planned this for weeks to give to his Uncle-Pak Tam (my computer-wizard brother). She is even willing to pay for the price of the cuppies...
They two get along very well... except when comes to
She wanted the Liverpool logo to be sandwiched in between Man Us.
With a slogan: "ACCEPT-DEFEAT-WITH-DIGNITY" .... ouch...!
... and to include her icing photo image with the MU scarf on...

Girl... this is definately not the way to instigate bonding with your Pak Tam who is a die-hard Liverpool fan...! He probably won't let you into his house anymore..! , or the Taman or maybe near Kajang border...!
...Chik...... don't blame me, I'm just the baker..!
(...and I get paid doing this...laugh..!)

When the 'uniform men' placed orders....

A HUGE Thanks to.....
Major Hashim, Major Sultan & Betamat Sdn Bhd for the following orders:-

Major Hashim, looking forward to receiving future orders from you... :P

Major Sultan, I didn't know that it was your son who came to collect the cuppies...

To ALL, thank you again for the orders...

'Hyper-Active' Birthday Girl..


John & Florence - Thanks for the order

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DSA 2010 (Part 2) - The 'Toys', The 'Boys' & The VVIPs

Part of the Exhibition Team...

Due to the unusual circumstances in Europe causing many flight cancellations, we were slightly light on the ground in some areas but managed to cover all products that were exhibited and provide excellent briefings to delegations and visitors who came to our Stand.

My two immediate Bosses (R-L):

Chris Nunn-Regional Director Asia Pacific & Michael Bentinck-Vice President, Malaysia & Indonesia

The 'Boys' behind the Stand - (L-R) Dave (London) and Alex (Birmingham).
They will be in a jiffy when the IT comes to standstill..
They were hoping that they could extend their stay in Kuala Lumpur following the eruption of the volcano in Iceland.


The Serious 'TOYS'


My very first project... JERNAS
The bonus?
Hmmm.... enough to pay downpayment for my double storey house...




and... many more...(not able to take lots of photos because I had to attend to the VIPs)
for more products.. please visit our website...

... and....THE VVIPs...

The Prime Minister - Datuk Seri Mohd Najib
accompanied by the Defence Minister, Dato' Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Our forever jovial No-1 Boss - Simon Keith, briefing the Defence Minister on Typhoon.

The Malaysian Chief of Navy-Admiral Tan Sri Dato' Sri Abdul Aziz bin Hj Jaafar

The Malaysian Chief of Air Force-General Dato' Sri Rodzali Daud - very impressed on the Typhoon