Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letting Go...

It hit me like a tonne of bricks while I was preparing meals for our family gathering last Sunday...both my twin baby brothers will be leaving Malaysia one on Tuesday (29th June) and followed by the other twin, the next day (30th June).
Oh, its not a bad thing, so don't worry about it.
They are not the only brothers I have..
The thing is... I have to let them go.., this just isn't easy..!

Both to pursue their PhD in their respective fields- Architecture/Designs & Engineering.

After spending a month holiday in Malaysia - now its time to return to Germany.

Tomorrow... another one is leaving - Destination...Perth

It got me thinking last night on the way back home after sending one of them off...


...is actually one of life's big challenges, isn't it?
I am, seriously, not good at it.
I am a holder-on-er, is that wrong..?

What about Mom & Dad..
No... I am not worry about Dad- he is a tough old man.
By the way, Dad couldn't make it as he was not well, but he had said his goodbyes earlier...

...its always... Mom...

Mom Dearest....
...part of the mission-as mother...is to let them fly on their own, to let them go off into this world with everything you've have thought them, and be independent and free...

Watching this and remembering all that came before is sooooooo bittersweet that one cannot possibly understand it until one is standing there... and realizing that time has passed so quickly, ...and they are not just 'yours' anymore.

Letting go.... and it isn't easy...

Mom..., as always, you are and will do it with grace and style... and it shows in your son's personality (that tears in your eyes... I take it as tears of joy not sad..)

Of course, you know there will always be the bond whether near of far...
you will always be close to their heart. I think a lot of heartbreak on letting go is the 'expectations' of hanging on, but life is always changing growing..!
But Mom..., the boys are 'yours' first, and in your heart, and ours too....
I think they remain 'yours' forever... that's what Mother's love is all about...

My share will come... one day...
Maymun Nalubega-Rozanita-Naziwa...
...as much like other things...
I will have to let her go off.... that would not be easy....

...How do one manage the hard part....
...of letting go....?

Monday, June 28, 2010

A "Lil Bit of This-and-That' Cookies

Made these cookies for the gathering, at my Mom's last week.
They were a hit with my nieces & nephews ..!

...sharing the recipe....
A "Lil Bit of This-and-That" Cookies

550 gm - Mixture of Cereals, such as:-
1 Cup - YoGood Honey Toasted Muesli
1 Cup - Rolled Oat
1 Cup - Black Raisins
1 Cup - Assorted nuts (walnut, pecan, macadamia, cashew, etc...)
1/2 cup - Chococolate chips
(above does'nt have to be exact as long as everything makes about 550 gm.
In fact you can use any cereal of your choice)
540 gm - Butter/Margarine
350 gm - Brown Sugar (I use brown sugar-less sweet)
550 gm - All Purpose Flour
1 1/2 teaspn - Sodium Bicarbonate
1 - large Egg
1 teaspn - Vanilla
2 tablespn - Maple Syrup (optional)

Cream butter+sugar.
Add Egg +vanila+ bicarbonate soda.
Add maple syrup (if using).
Pour in the cereals (Oats+Nuts+Choc Chips)
Once mixed, slowly add the flour
(this you need to use your hand to mix the dough - trust me, it will be much easier to handle..!).
Once evenly mixed, spoon dough onto a baking sheet.
Make sure you give room in between the cookies coz it will expand a bit.
Bake in 250 deg oven, or until golden brown. Let it cool on a rack.

Last but not least...

...a plate of freshly baked oat cookies for my friend...Dali, for her afternoon tea.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow....

These cupcakes are hands down, easy to make.
The colours make the cupcakes vibrant and fun, and frankly, they are just so cute...NOT to eat...!
Guys....! come downstairs and test these cuppies..!

Although there may look complicated, but the cupcakes actually are very easy to make.

(...in goes into the oven....)

These cupcakes are not too sweet, so you can pile on the frosting to top off the rainbow.
I prefer to leave these cuppies as it is...
(...out from the oven....cooling on the rack...)

Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different colours and cupcakes decorations..!

Decorate.....! Go Crazy...!

Sharing the Recipe:
125gm Butter/Margarine
125 gm Self Rising Flour
125 gm Castor Sugar
2 eggs
3 tbspn Fresh Milk
Vanila Extract
4 Food Colouring (yellow, blue, red, green)
(blue+red=purple, yellow+blue=green, red+yellow=orange)

Beat sugar + butter until creamy and fluffy.
Add egg one at a time, adding flour each time untill all added in.
Add vanila, then add milk a table spoon at a time.
Devide batter into four and add desired colours.
Place batter alternately in a paper cup- 3/4 full.
Baked 15-20 mins (350 oven) or until skewer comes out clean.

Makes 12 cupcakes.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Convocation Cake & coordinating cuppies...

I don't usually do last minute cakes....and I wasn't sure if I could do it on short notice, but when this baby-brother of mine pulls his sneaky tricky stunts, it's hard to say no! LoL .. :)
Luckily I have a tub of pre-colored blue fondant, so it wasn't too hard.
Since I really didn't have any urgent orders going on, I told him I could do it.
Yesteday, he came by to my office to collect the cake and said.... "did you like how I asked for a cake without really asking for a cake?"
...What a sneak! But the cake turned out great.
The 'book-shaped' cakes were royale sponge cake, iced with buttercream before being covered in brown and green fondant.
For the coordinating chocolate moist cuppies, topped with swirl vanilla buttercream.
The top part of the hat was blue fondant with red fondant tassel.
White fondant gum paste for the scroll.

He said he was a hero for getting the cake, so I'm glad I did it...
...by the way BLUE is his favourite colour..!

Congratulations brother, finally you will be graduating in 'Master in Engineering', and hopefully the PhD will follow soon...

Love is in the air....

When Love is in the air....
..what better way to celebrate than with the quintessential - Cupcake..!

Cupcakes are cheerful, and can be personalized to fit your loved ones and their personalities.
The possibilities are absolutely endless!

9-piece chocolate moist cupcakes and a vanila layered centre piece cake...

... a gift from a very loving sister to her baby brother...for the Engagement hantaran gift.

Thanks Azura for the repeat order.

Me, Cookie Monster not Gossip Monger..!


Boy howdy, So me explain ONE MORE TIME:
Me a GLUTTON, not a gossip! Me very busy eating cookies.
If moon was cookie, me think me would be the happiest monster you've ever seen.
I'd put on a spacesuit and up through the night I'd ride in a rocket and go ...
...until there's no moon

So, me not going to talk about what Elmo did the other night because .... nevermind...
Hey, maybe me better get insurance for me COOKIES!

Again, thanks Azura for the repeat order.
Hope the your little boy will enjoy the Elmos and Cookie Monsters.

Chocolate Theraphy...

Chocolate Theraphy... anyone..??

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment.
Feeling blue?
Is the weather getting you down?
Is the economy worrying you?
Is your love life sending you into the doldrums?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes?

Then, may I suggest a hearty dose of chocolate?
As a remedy for the blues, I personally recommend these...
...warm, rich, and sinfully gooey cupcakes...

When you are down in the dumps nothing cheers you up..!
...they can be easily shared with friends....

Or maybe not...!

Thanks Syafinaz for the order.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've got one hell of fussy Man when comes to cake...!

I don’t think many fathers read my blog, but every once in awhile one sneaks in... so Happy Father’s Day to you!

I couldn’t decide until the last second what I was going to get for 'the Man' of the house.
He did say that he wanted a cake, but didn't specify what sort of cake he wants...as if I am a psychic that can read one's mind.... hence, a chocolate cake was baked...
Once baked, iced.... then only he told me that he actually wanted a Cheese Cake...
...Oh No... not cheese cake again...!
Helloo...I just baked you cheese cake last week...?

...from the background I heard a whisper...
Eerrr.. Sweetheart... I don't like the purple frosting... do you think you can change the colour...
Nothing can be more difficult for a 24/7 Mom than having a fussy Man..!
Father's Day or no...
you finish up this cake first, then only I bake you that Cheese Cake you wanted...
OK...take a deep breath... calm down...now where is that list for my next week's orders ...
...I need to start cracking now....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It was bound to happen....

It was bound to happen....after seven years....!

A few cupcakes I baked for a friend of mine who is in her first trimester.
Actually, I need to find more excuses to take cake into work..!

Inspired by Cupcakes Envy, this baby shower cupcake includes a 3D- sugar blue-aqua maternity dress with a yellow ruffle trimming...
I was excited to do this cakelets...
The flavor included vanilla sponge cake with layered vanilla buttercream and covered with fondant icing. Along with the maternity dress, I included eight mini cakelets ...

Boy or Girl...??
We shall soon find out...!

Congratulations Aida...!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wish I was there...

4 Days/3 nights at Redang... 13-16 June 2010...
and I missed it again...!
...the Riyaz Heritage, Redang....

...diving training in the pool....before going into the sea...
... girl, you will not see anything if you closed your eyes...!

.. water confident... check..!
... off to Redang Island....
with her Uncle Emi..
Orang kuat... my little brother... ni kira 'guardian angel' ...
... the adventure begins....

...the diving team....
...all set for the underwater world adventure..

... my daughter...
...ooops.. mummy... someone dropped their 'brain'...!

... feeding frenzy....!

.... what lies beneath the sea....

... glad they had their waterproof camera with them..

... knock.. knock.. who's there...??

... its Moray Eel...... where my food at..??

...take a break...a must... meeting the eldest brother who lives in Kuala Terengganu...

...and the one and only one very lucky 'Bibik'... entertaining the kids....

Crystal clear waters, colourful fish, corals, and the many different hue of the sea.
Awesomely beautiful.

I wish I was there too....