Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The more we get together....

I was invited to a friend's house for a Brunch last weekend and wanted to take along something special for her and her guests... So I choose to create something simple, pretty and feminine (not knowing that there were men there as well..!)
The cake for these cuppies was my luscious chocolate and topped with buttercream frosting. Followed by a light sprinkle of silver dragees.

Dali, the excellent host & cook & her dearest friend, Nikki.
(p/s: Dali was too engrosed with her cooking and this candid photo was taken before Dali was able to freshen-up! Oops ...Sorry Dali)
aah..... she feels fresh now...
Layla, one of Dali's lovely children and her best friends (Nikki's kids).
Again, thanks Dali for inviting us..... the food was.... 'off-the-hook'!

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