Monday, January 25, 2010

... for the tele-chubbies...

Someone is getting engaged..

Thans for the order Ina.
Hope it matches with the rest of the Hantaran

Flowers in my kitchen...

You crazy girl...

I wanted to laugh when I did these cuppies...

One of my daughter's classmates was jealous that one of her best friends got some cuppies. So this boy told her that he too was not feeling very well for the past few days and wanted some TLC cupcakes. So, my daughter came out with this idea...

Well my dear Arif... enjoy the cuppies...! .. and get well soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classic elegance...

These are some lovely fondant topped cupcakes, you can achieve some really stunning looks when you use a fondant topping. There were a very classic design, which resulted in simple elegance..!

The cake, a white chocolate cake covered with a thin layer of white chocolate ganache which really complemented the simplicity of these cupcakes.

They were then topped with white fondant which is embossed with a floral design and dusted with an edible white/pearl luster dust to give them a beautiful shimmer.

To finish, crafted sugarpaste red roses to sit atop of each cupcake and the result was quite lovely. This type of cupcake is just perfect for an engagement, wedding or valentines day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It was a simple one.... nothing fancy...

Cheer-up Sweetie..& Get Well Soon..

Lai Hong LaLai sat on the wall..

Lai Hong LaLai had a Great fall..

All the SBS girls, and All the SBS boyz..

Could'nt put Lai Hong together again..!

Girl, the next time you practice your cheerleaders 'flying' session, make sure there someone to catch you when you fall..!

Take good care & we love you..

Friday, January 15, 2010


...when ideas run dry... I look around at Mothers Nature @ my garden for inspiration. I did just that...

... and I created these...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rain.. rain.. go away..

"Sorry about your face Elmo"

The sun has slid into the pillows of puffy clouds above, straining the rays from piercing through. The days of late have been dimmed to the normal sunlight turning my cuppies picture, a bit of 'a nightmare'. This did'nt taint this frail spirit of mine... it kept me busy all day..

Silence is....

Thanks Syikin for the order.

They sure keep me busy....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last Christmas....

Free hand drawing on cupcakes is not easy. Last X'mas order I had to make a whole bunch of these cupcakes, and all I had in the house was blue and white and some silver dragees. I had to make 250. So, I experimented with different ways on the cupcakes. It didn't take a lot of time, and who doesn't like to eat those creamy cuppies...!

My hand was very tired, But my point is, you don't have to follow a template. Get whimsical!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank you Lai Hong..

Adik is 15..!
Kesian dia... celebrate kat Hostel.
Hope you & your dormmates like the cake that Mummy baked.

Pursuing a Passion....

Many people believed that artistic nature is inborn. All of us are artistic creatures but we perform in different ways which make each and everyone of us as unique as can be.

I've always admire beautiful things around me and these have somehow inspired me to follow my heart to pursue something I'd always loved .... BAKING. Not that I am artistic nor I am creative but creating from nothing to something admireable has always help me to be a better person, as perseverance is the road to success.

From a short adventure into cake decorating, a new desire emerged. Owning a bakery shope (Insyaallah... one day...) has been my dream and I want to turn this dream into reality. Like many great bakers, I want to create cakes with beautiful decorations too! And since I love small and pretty things and the mini version of a cake is no other than cupcake..!

And with that in mind, a labout of love is borne... "My Little Cupcakes..." and with God's blessing may year 2010 brings you pretty cupcakes for all occassions...!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to Baking tonight...

Have a birthday order to fullfill this weekend.. My first order for 2010! Lets see whats the stock like in my pantry. Flour - check, Icing sugar.. check, Fondant Icing ... hmmm.. need to purchase more!, Ah yes.. more buttter and cream for that lovely buttercream toppings.. And coffee to keep me awake!
My Little Cupcakes has been in business for almost two months and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers whom has ordered from us. It was a real pleasure in coming up with all the great ideas and designs and we sincerely hope that those who has received cupcakes from 'My Little Cupcakes' purchased by their family or friends are pleased with the designs we have came out with as well as the yummy cuppies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

May 2010 brings us the opportunities to come out with more great designs!

Thanks and have a Great 2010!