Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainbow Cake

Sometimes a cake doesn't have to be shaped like a pirate or dragon to be incredible. Sometimes, a cake can just be a yummy layer cake with plain frosting that you make for a friend. This cake may look like an ordinary cake on the outside, when you make the first slice you soon realize that it's in fact the zaniest cake you've ever seen. Made with 6 rainbow layers, this cake may be the only one we've ever seen that 's more beautiful after you cut into it.

Anyway, I made this cake for my neighbour, for her nieces birthday (I think..).

I don't think anything else would have been more suitable than this monstrosity of a cake for those two lovely birthday girls...The smiley, happy, silly rainbows on this cake are totally inspired.

The six individually baked layers, and it's got a zing of lemon flavored icing. But the most important aspect of this cake, is that it's layered with Swiss Meringue Buttercream (specially requested), and frosted in vanila buttercream.

Why? Because exterior makes the cake look completely normal, but once you slice into it you realize... Oh Snap...! This cake is crazy..!!

Thanks for the order Zarina.

Raise hell at the Standard Chartered Marathon 2011 for me, ok?!?!

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