Monday, August 13, 2012 am picking up blogging again...

For the past few months have been quite hectic...extremely hectic... and still hectic!  This added to my natural lazyness, meant I had no time to post and upload photos of my cakes, cuppies and cooking here.  But things happened... oh boy, Yes, they happened..!
I think the fact that I've neglected my blog has taken me way beyond the valley of sad. I miss posting and baking so much, but I'm taking so many baking courses and continuing my part time study at university, along with 9-5 working hours - I find myself at a lack of energy constantly.

Until I do organize my time a bit better (and I promise I will!) I will have to post whenever I find myself a good lazy day where I'm only lounging about at home. Meanwhile, feel free to rummage through my older posts and use those to your liking, and I'll be back as soon as possible with twice as much energy to post more frequently.

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