Monday, January 11, 2010

Pursuing a Passion....

Many people believed that artistic nature is inborn. All of us are artistic creatures but we perform in different ways which make each and everyone of us as unique as can be.

I've always admire beautiful things around me and these have somehow inspired me to follow my heart to pursue something I'd always loved .... BAKING. Not that I am artistic nor I am creative but creating from nothing to something admireable has always help me to be a better person, as perseverance is the road to success.

From a short adventure into cake decorating, a new desire emerged. Owning a bakery shope (Insyaallah... one day...) has been my dream and I want to turn this dream into reality. Like many great bakers, I want to create cakes with beautiful decorations too! And since I love small and pretty things and the mini version of a cake is no other than cupcake..!

And with that in mind, a labout of love is borne... "My Little Cupcakes..." and with God's blessing may year 2010 brings you pretty cupcakes for all occassions...!

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