Monday, December 13, 2010

Thomas Train + Ben10 = Boys

This customer of mine has a nephew who’s crazy about Thomas, James and Percy and of course Ben10 and wanted cupcakes with those characters on the cuppies!
So, she contacted me and asked if i could do cupcakes in this theme. After some discussion, and due to last minute request, we agreed on 25 cupcakes with Thomas and friends and Ben10 edible toppers. I ordered some of those edible icing from my supplier and then paste it on the cupcakes and just do minimal frosting at the side.
Happy Birthday Ahmad Faheem, and thanks again for the repeat order Rina.


Anonymous said...

Thanks k Lang!!! u r the best!! i'm sorry for always troubling you with last minute order.. i am really bad with remembering birthdays and other special occasion.. :p


mummy-who-cooks said...

Ryn: Not a problem. K/lang also at time 'ter-forgot' important dates.