Monday, July 18, 2011

Umrah...the journey of my life... Part 1

...Ibrahim Ibn Adham was among many who travelled on foot to perform Hajj. One day and while he was walking to Makkah, he saw a man riding a camel.

The man asked Ibrahim Ibn Adham:.. Where are you going?

Ibrahim said: I am heading to Makkah to perform Hajj.

Then the man said: but you need a ride to Makkah since it is extremely far.

Ibrahim said: indeed I have many but you do not see them.

The man said: "Where are they?

Ibrahim explained: In times of hardship, patience is my ride, in times of prosperity, thankfulness to Allah is my ride, and in times of feeling tempted to commit a sin, I remember that death is coming very soon.

Upon hearing this, the man astonishingly said: keep walking; I swear by Allah with the strong faith you have in your heart, you are in a better situation than me.

Salam & Peace...

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New Baby Flowers said...

Wow that is definitely thought provoking!