Friday, April 9, 2010

Choco-Addict Household of Mine...!

It has been a very crazy week!
Office work & exhibiton just round the corner, orders to fulfill, clothes to iron, meals to be prepared, house to clean, pets to be taken care off, etc....
On top of that.... I have been a very sick 'puppy' for the last couple of days.
So between getting up @ 6:00am and not getting much sleep at night, I just have'nt had much prep time for my cupcakes.
Then, there was the stress from this 'Choco-Addict' household of mine that have been harping for a week for me to bake them Chocolate Moist Cake ..!

..baked this last night...

..hope this will keep them busy and quiet for a week...!
....aahhh PEACE at last..!


Cha said...

nk!! nnt bg kat aisyah tau..hehe xD

Cha said...

maklang, aisyah wat blog baru (tambah2 je). Tajuk dye movies. Maklang pergi and kalau boleh, follow tau..hehe..xD

thx.bye :)