Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Cuddliest Hero in Malaysia ....

You've seen him, even if you don't know his name. And if you've seen him, you've been warmed—even inspired—by his energized air of optimism. That bubble-headed creature with a broad smile, a paw raised in greeting and a disarming blueness beams down at us.

Yes, he sells fireworks, adorns postage stamps, blinks as a cursor and appears in movies. But more than that, he transmits a message that transcends every language: the future can be likable, the present is redeemable, and you can be happy even if you're blue.
His best friend, Nobita ( means knocked down), is a classically helpless, bespectacled fourth-grader who is always being bullied by classmates and shouted at by mother or teacher.
Like any good buddy...Does that make him a hero, you might ask?

So, who is the cuddliest Hero inMalaysia..? Doraemon?
No... not any longer. Ok Doraemon make way ...

... here comes... DAMIAN...taking over your place...!

Damian with his big bro-Danial & sis-Dania

Happy Birthday Suhail DAMIAN Iman
& thanks Irda for the order.


E.d.Y said...

wah...comel giler doaremon punya buat sendiri or printed one kak lang?

mummy-who-cooks said...

EdY: Edible image to K/lang tempah kat Bakery. Printing kena pakai special printer with edible ink and paper.

Kalau nak personalise gambar eg: gambar graduate Edy (LoL) pun boleh... e-mail k/lang gambar in jpg.format.