Friday, October 29, 2010

...for the Lady 'yang Ayu...'

What if one fine morning you get into the office and all of a sudden the colleagues and boss, who give blunt look at you everyday are smiling.

The receptionist welcomes you with gratitude and you suddenly start feeling that you are entering into Eden Garden of heaven as the Queen of the sovereign place.

The office is well decorated with flowers that you like and everywhere there is a friendly tone, when people talk and the overwhelming gestures through hugging you is taking you to the paradise...

I can go on saying long but you should get the hint at the very beginning...

Yes, Ayu Nurul, you are the Queen for the day... because its your birthday.

A simple birthday celebrations & recognition of the day can boost your staff morale.

To Puan Niza of Jab Perkhidmatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, Selayang Hospital..
...thank you for the order.
I hope the birthday 'Girl' likes the cupcakes and the floral decorations.

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