Saturday, October 16, 2010

Princesses Birthday Cupcakes...

What makes a perfect birthday for Allesya Sofea...?
...She would love to live happily ever after in a faraway kingdom, indulge herself with fairytale princess birthday cupcakes....

Happy 8th Birthday Allesya Sofea...

E-mail from Puan Azleen:
Dear Kak Nita,

Allesya loves the cup cake so much…and her friends at school was so….excited today when I came and distribute the cup cake to all of them…all the class mate sang Happy Bday song to her and she look so happy today…I am glad that I ordered the cup cake from you and make allesya happy today…thanks a lot Kak Nita…your cup cake is marvelous and can’t wait for my bday….

Thank you Lyn for the order..

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