Sunday, November 21, 2010

Festive Seasons - Part IV: Christmas Cupcakes.... Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's Christmas time again and time for christmas cupcakes!
I've made some X'mas cupcakes using fondant and buttercream.
Little decoration was needed because X'mas colours were already colorful.
... now let's decorate...
...holly berries cupcakes.
Holly Berries - a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.
Holly is a shrub with spiny leaves and red berries. The leaves remain green throughout the year. Pagans thought its greenness was a promise that the sun would return & English families hung holly over their doors to symbolize a home in which Christ's birth is celebrated.
... holly berries made with buttercream, and here's how I decorate the cupcakes.

Celebrate Christmas In Blue, With Blue Christmas Cupcakes...
You know it's snowing when you see Snowflakes...
Icicles a.k.a Snowflakes..
For those who've chosen a winter theme for their Chrismas these Snowflake Fondant Cupcakes will add an elegant touch to your dessert display...
As per an old story, the Christ child took shelter for a night under a pine tree. When the tree realized that it was caring for Jesus, tears of happiness fell from its branches. The tears froze into icicles.
Instead of the usual red and green... here's what I did.
I made these blue christmas cupcakes that anyone can do!
A simple blue buttercream topped cupcakes and royal icing snowflakes and some white dragees. Give it a try!

Hello There, Mr.Snowman!
...this Snowman is so cute and surprisingly easy to make.
Its made from Fondant, so the whole thing is edible.
If you want an idea for your christmas party, this is one idea you can try at home.
Mr Santa Claus in action..!
...this is my favourite..

The Christmas Wreath..
This is an idea to make X'mas wreath cupcakes using buttercream icing. There are a lot of ways to make the wreath, however, making small rosettes to make the wreath is one way.

...abundance of crazy cute Christmas cupcake...festivities are even sweeter when a tray of cupcakes is on the party table!
Christmas cupcakes are fun to make, easy to serve and loved by just about everyone!


nba-Nur said...

Cutenya cupcakes nih.. You're so creative.. Kelakar tengok santa terbenam dalam krim tu.. hehehe

mummy-who-cooks said...

nba-Nur: Thank you for your comments. Dah tak larat nak 'gentel' fondant buat the full Santa, so I just buat kaki Santa je... safe time.