Monday, February 14, 2011

Homemade Chocolates...PRICES

Time to taste pleasure....

My Little Cupcakes provide homemade assorted chocolates in various packaging and different functions - Birthday Parties, 'Aqiqah', Wedding, Doorgifts, and many other occasions.

Assorted homemade chocolates of plain, nutty, crunchy, minty, almonds, orange, stawberry or raspberries fillings. Many more in semi sweet and milk chocolates at a reasonable price. We also take corporate orders.

In various different packaging or custom made to suit your occasion.

1 b0x x pcs/ RM12.00/box (without ribbon)

RM12.50/bx (with ribbon)
with Nuts filling: Add 30 cents per box

...our most popular....

...Chocolate Coated Oreo...

1pc in a box @ RM2.50/bx

with ribbon decorations: RM2:80/bx

Kisses Milk/Dark Chocolate....

1 pc in a box @ RM2.50/bx

with ribbon decorations: RM2.8o/bx

1 box x 4 pcs


RM3.50/bx (without ribbon decoration)

RM4.00/bx (with ribbon decoration)

With Nuts filling: add RM0.30 cents/bx

Filling of your choice: Nuts or Cranberries

Minimum order: 100 pcs

(suitable for doorgifts).

1 Box x 3 pcs


RM2.80/bx (without ribbon decorations)

RM3.00/bx (with ribbon decorations)

With nuts filling: Add RM0.30 cents/bx

Minimum order: 100 pcs
(suitable for doorgifts)

1 box x 2 pcs

RM2.50/bx (without ribbon decorations)

RM2.80/bx (with ribbon decortions)

With Nuts filling: Add RM0.30 cents/bx

Mininum order: 100 pcs (suitable for door gifts)

1 box x 12 pcs (No frills assorted plain chocolates)

RM15.00/box (without ribbon decorations)

RMRM15.50/box (with ribbon decorations)

with Nuts filling: Add 30 cents/box

... comes in various designs, shapes and filling of of your choice...!

...a must for kid's birthday.

Homemade Loli-Choc...RM1.80/stick

Miminum order: 100 pcs

Homemade Chocolate Box... ..for Wedding Hantaran etc... (and its edible too...!)

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