Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Times are a changing....

Life is definitely changing around here and I'm not just talking about my daughter cutting her hair off. Last weekend was a great week for her. She is actually looking forward to school this week. Can you believe it...looking forward to school?! - That is soooo her.. (LoL)!
My emotions are all over the place with her right now. She is all grown up! I went to hug her and realized that her shoulders almost meet mine! I hug her everyday, but all of a sudden, couple of days ago, I hugged her and she was up there with me...there was no bending down to get my arms around her body! Her shoe size went up 2 sizes since last Hari Raya (Eid)! I never have a hard time with my birthdays, but realizing that I'm about to have a grown up teenager is hitting me hard. She's my little woman and she's getting all grown up on me!

To ease my mind today...I'm in the kitchen making her favourite cake – Moist Choc Cake., ok.....make it two...!

Special request.... extra ganache...!
 Happy Birthday Girl....I.
I love you...all the way to the moon and back..!

Love, Mummy

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gadizgula said...

happy birthday to Maymun!
p/s: dgn muka x malunya nak mintak 1 slice blh x? hehehe...it looks yummy kak Nita ;D