Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Darth Vader Goes Beserk..??!

......Zarif's Birthday.... continued....
The Birthday Boy - Zarif..
All were exited when the Birthday cake arrived...
Then.... OH... MY... GOD...!
(the Host, Loq, was very upset and furious..! and I don't blame her..)

...this cake looks like it was attacked by Darth Vader..!
....Darth Vader must have thrown a fit in the box on the way to Zarif's party.. or...

...something must have gone teribbly wrong during the journey from the bakery shop to the birthday boy's house.
As you can see from the picture - the bottom tier of the cake was cracking and splitting and the bottom half of the cake almost fall apart..!
Zarif's mom asked for my help to 'repair' the cake.. I dare not to.. coz with one wrong move the whole cake may collapse - that will upset her even more.... (I am sure she paid a lot for that Cake). The least I could think off was to cover it up with the my Cookie Monsters. But, on second thought, I suggested to better leave the cake alone as it is... we can explain to the guests.. the cake was meant to be designed like that... you know... STAR WARS, Sword Fighting, Meteorite.. Crater of the moon.. volcano eruption.. etc...etc... you get the drift... :)
Oh well... at least the cake tasted good..

By the way...the best part was ...all the children at the party were not bothered by the 'damaged' cake.. ..they were too engrossed and busy with games, "Balloon Lady" and the "Face and Hand Painting" session.

Here, Zarif's sister, Chi-Chi.. and myself.. (I love those balloons..)
Layla with her chosen design.. sweet pink butterfly...

my daughter with the "Ice Queen" face painting

And as for me... I enjoyed very much Loq's Shepperd Pie.. I had two helpings (biiggg scoops..!) Loq, if you are reading my blog... I really enjoyed the Party, especially the food. Thanks for having us.

NOTE: All Pictures of minor were published with the concent of their parents.

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