Friday, May 7, 2010

You know a Good Music when you hear one....

Who is Maher Zain...?

Never heard of him before until yesterday, I 'stumbled' into Maher Zain 'by accident' on Facebook. I am so facinated with his songs and am very eager to buy his album but I just don't know where to get them from. Anybody can help me on this?

His songs are so soothing to the ears, the melody so sweet and light and the lyrics really touches my heart. I enclose in this entry a bit about him and also video clip of his song - 'INSYA ALLAH'. May Allah s.w.t. bless him and us all.

Maher Zain - Insha Allah ماهر زين - ان شاء الله

Maher's first musical inspiration came from his father, who was a singer himself, perfoming locally in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Tripoli-Lebanon. Facinated by the music and instruments, Maher got his first keyboard when he was only ten and ever since music officially became part of Maher's world.

The family moved to Sweden when Maher was only 8, where he continued his schooling and later entered university and got a Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering. With things changing around him, one thing remained the same - his strong passion for music. He would spend late nights at school with his friends where they would sing, rap, compose and experiment with music in every way. It didn't take him long to realise that music became an integral part of who he is.

After being involved for a while in the music scene in Sweden as a music producer, Maher was introduced to RedOne, a gifted music producer who was fast rising in the music scene in Sweden. Maher started working with RedOne with Swedish artist, and later moved with him to New York. For a few years he was in the middle of the hot rush of NY music industry, working with chart topping artists such as Kat Deluna on her debut album which included smash hits 'Whine Up' and 'Running the Show'. Maher had what many would describe as a dream job for someone so young in such a glamorous business, but for Maher it felt like this was far from what he would call 'the dream', "I love the musics but I hated everyting that surrounded it, it always felt like somethin wasn't right".

RedOne was on the verge of breaking into the big time, going on to work with artists like Akon, Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, Brandy, New Kids on the Block and Michael Jackson... to just name a few, and becoming one of the most sought-after music producers in the world. He, howoever, was restless and eventually decided that the music industry and all that surrounded wasn't the right place for him and he returned to Sweden. It wasn't until he met a group of brothers who were active in the Islamic community in Stockholm and he started regular attending his local mosque that he felt like he'd reached 'home'.

Maher feels blessed to able to finally find the right way, and feels like it's his turn now to help others through his music to do the same: "If I had one thing I'd like to tell people out there, it would be that, it's so easy to see the right way if we just open our eyes and look properly - that's what happened to me".

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