Monday, May 21, 2012

Maggie Meat Kepal... My way....

A new job, demanding and stressful, has left me feeling depleted and quite drained off late. On the home-drive, ideas run through my head for dinner, full well knowing SO will also be expecting some sort of sustenance for the evening dining experience. In my head, I create a wonderful meal. Something homemade would be great, but just not from "my" home. Yet, I find myself too down to even drag myself into the grocery I'm driving by to grab something from the ready-to-go entree section. The next thing I know, I'm in my driveway and now I'm too tired to think about cooking.

At times,I walk into the kitchen and all I want to do is walk right out again.  Honestly, if I didn’t have a hungry household expecting me to keep them alive, I’d pack it all in.
Sound familiar?
We've eaten a lot of Maggie Mee and eggs and that's OK, but someone else in this house may be getting a bit tired of that. Lets see...packets of Maggie Mee in the cabinet... How difficult is it? This thing has been around since before I was conceived. And besides, it did say "'Fast to cook, good to eat", right? I'm a career woman, I dont really have time to go over cookbook details...! (LoL)
My Ingredients:-
I paket Curry Maggie Mee (keep the flavour sachet)
200 gm Minced Meat
2 tblspn Maggie 'Cukup Rasa'
2 tblspm Black Pepper (grounded)
1  Red Chilly (chopped, add more if you prefer hot & spicy)
1 large Egg
1 Carrot  (grated)
50 gm Cilantro (chopped)
50 gm Parsley and Scallion (chopped)
1/2 bulb Large Onion (diced)
Salt to taste

My Method:-
1.  Boil Maggie noodles (leave out the flavouring) - seive
2.  Add all other ingredients and mx well, add the maggie flavouring
3.  Shaped the meat/magge mixture into balls
4.  Arrange on baking pan/caserole and bake until golden brown - Done!
5.  You can eat this with salad.

If you think this is too plain to eat with salad..lets  'improvised'...
Yes,  why not..??.    
...second batch.... improvised version - topped with boiled potatoes and gravy...
Ingredients for improvise version..
4  Potatoes - peel, cut into half and boil till soft
Cheddar cheese 
Salt to taste

For the Gravy..
1 small bottle Prego pasta sauce
1 small can Tomato Paste 

1.  Mix pasta sauce and tomato paste
2.  Pour onto the Maggie Meat
3.  Arrange the boiled potatoes and sprinkle Cheddar cheese.
4.  Bake in 200 deg oven for ten mins or until cheese melted (no need to bake too long as the meat and potatoes are already cooked)
.hmmm didnt even get the chance to snap photo, household already plate-it up...!

Easy, Right? 
Aaaahhhh....Life is soooo beautiful when one is innovative..! (*chuckle*)

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