Sunday, May 13, 2012 what's on your fridge...?.

My only child, and she wanted to do something special for me on Mother's Day as I have always been her rock and she considered me one of her best friends. Unfortunately, I had a presentation whole day today at the University and felt bad that I was not able to be with her. 

For the past years she bought me pretty cards and she will get a large frame which she will fill photo of us.  This year she said its gonna be something different.   When I got back from my class, I saw a nicely, neatly, wrapped box on my study table.

 She knows I spent most of my time in kitchen baking and cooking, so she bought me  this fridge magnet just to remind me of myself 25 years ago... 

Girl, this is sooooo cool.... Mummy loves it!  

Thank you for reminding me that I have 'grown sideways..!

...and yes, I will definately stick it onto the fridge...

...and yes.... I love you too..  mmmuuuaaahhhh...!