Thursday, September 30, 2010

What do Ripe Bananas means its time for...?

Make Banana Bread...!
Seems obvious...?

..spotty bananas gives you life....

I sometimes buy bananas just to have an excuse to make banana bread.

I had spotty bananas in my fridge that I was going to have to chuck any minute.

I had a fabulous old recipe from my Mom. Lets see..... now where did I chuck that recipe...? I am sure it must be somewhere lying in the pile of my "must try" recipes...

I had one and a half hours until I had to get the dinner started.

So..., I baked.

And... I tweaked up Mom's recipe - adding walnuts and spices - sorry Mak

And... the results were good.

Mom's Banana Bread Recipe

1/2 cup Butter - melted
3/4 cup Sugar
2 Eggs
3 Super-Ripe Banana - mashed (makes about 2 cups)
1 tspn Vanilla
1 tspn Baking Soda
1 tspn Bicarbonate Soda
1 1/2 cup Plain Flour
1/2 cup Fresh Milk
1 tspn Cinnamon
1/2 tspn Nutmeg
1 cup Walnuts - roasted and chopped
(if you want, you can also throw in some chocolate chips - up to you)

Preheat the oven to 250 and grease loaf pan.
Cream butter and sugar until the whole thing looks kind of creamy.
Add the egg one at a time then add vanila. Using spatula or wooden spoon add in mashed bananas andfresh milk and stir to combine.
Now, combine all the dry ingredients - add a little at a time to the mixture.
When this gloop looks fully mixed, stir in the walnuts, and chocolate chips (if you are using it)
Or, you could skip right ahead to the next step - its your bread, do what you want..!
Pour the mix into the pre-prepared loaf pan and 'shove' this into the oven.
About 45 mins, check the loaf.
If a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean - its done.
If it's wet and sticky, keep going another 10-15 mins.
Let the bread cool in the pan about 30 mins, then let it cool on a rack...

...or cut into it right away...! I'll leave that part up to you...!
as I said, its your bread, do what you want.. :P



Ummu~Ishak said...


eqbalzack said...

ummu, kakak abg eq mmg pandai masak....jgn lupa order cupcake dgn dia...hehe

E.d.Y said...


mummy-who-cooks said...

Salam & thanks EdY. Dah ready for Convo esok?

mummy-who-cooks said...

Salam EE. Jgn puji lebih2 sangat, kalau Allah anugerah pada EE terror mengajar Phisik, K/lang mungkin diberi kelebihan dari segi memasak - takeover from Mak & arwah Wan.

E.d.Y said...

thanks kak lang sebab sudi mencemar duli menjejakkan kaki ke uia...hehe..thanks for the flowers and cupcakes...;)

mummy-who-cooks said...

Akak tengok kat screen tadi, UIA Cancellor, Sultan Pahang tu 'rock' juga la.. 'berjiwa rakyat'.

kin said...

looks yummy alrite!

eqbalzack said...

kin...u member lama i...order cupcake dgn my sis...mana tau leh jadi kakak ipar..opss...hehe

mummy-who-cooks said...

EE/Kin - Wooo... ada buttecream di sebalik cupcakes ke????

kin said...

neah...he's just pulling your leg there, sis ;D

InsyaAllah ... if ada special occasion sok kin surely order from your Kak Lang, eQ.