Saturday, October 8, 2011

Angry Birds...

*grunt grunt grunt hurhurhur grunt

Sounds that reverberate around lounge rooms, bedrooms and through the earplugs attached to countless iPhones, androids and smartphones throughout the world.

The cause? Angry Birds.

Started from iphone game, I apply to cupcakes that everybody love it......

The mom of 10 year old girl, Farhana,  had commissioned me to do an Angry Birds themed cucpakes for her daughter.

Yes, why not huh? It's not necessary to ask for a barbie doll topper, ever popular Mickey or Minnie, Winnie The Pooh or other famous cartoons themed cupcakes.

We can always introduce  the latest trend via a birthday cupcakes.

When two birthdays fall in the same month it makes a lot of sense to think about throwing a joint birthday party.  And the theme  for the daddy.... yes, your guest is right... GOLF...! 

 Happy Birthday Farhana & Haslan, and thank you Aida for the order.

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