Sunday, October 16, 2011

When old friends meet...

Friends are an important part of our lives, and when it is an old school friend, you always have a special place in your heart.  But how often do you remember your old school friends and times you shared together..??

I had a wonderful day yesterday, minus the morning hectic schedule.  I was supposed to wake up at 05:00 hrs, but ended got up at 06:30hrs.  Gosh.. delivery to be made before 07:00 hrs, need to whip a cake for one of my girlfriends whom I have not met for 32 years (thanks to FB, managed to trace her!).  And the best part, I messed up the topping  a.k.a 'Madah Pujangga' I piped on the fondant.... arrrggghhh... how silly and careless of me!  Have to re-write the message again, carefully try not to mess up this time...

Seated from L-R: Juliana @ Min, Norzaini @ Nen, Rosmawar, Roslina, Normizan, Me
Standing from L-R: Rohaya, Siti Zabedah, Zuraidah
(we known each other since 1969..!)

It has been so long since we.. (what we? - its me!!) did'nt gathered up to chat like just yesterday.  Had so much jokes and laughed like during primary & high school time.  At about 17:00 hrs, we all sang birthday song to Mizan (did we? or did we not? - age must be catching up on me...!)

The BFF a.k.a birthday cake for Mizan...

Gals, I am definately looking forward to meeting up with you again   ~ weeeeeeee ~

What a wonderful weekend it has been, a time of reunions, of getting re-acquainted with long-lost school friends, of renewing ties going back almost 40 years...!

Love you lots... !

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