Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chillin' out when I'm stoned...

Have you ever lost it and just wanted to scream? There were definitely times when I would lose my cool, get irritated, and lash out  unnecessarily.

Usually, when I feel the pressure of life — when it is very busy with all kinds of commotion taking place around me — then I go onto autopilot mode, a state of self-protection and self-preservation. When my mind can relax a little and become calm and more spacious, then I see there is nothing to fear.

I know almost everyone I know in real life; from running a large topical message board and meeting people at related events, or making individual plans to meet.   I'm not the type of person to join a club or use online meet-up services but when I share conversation and ideas in common with thousands of people, it just seems natural to end up meeting them eventually. It doesn't even take effort really.

Meet my new found friends: Associate Prof Dr CH Kuang (UM)
and... the  sexy, extraodinaire Violinist - Dr Joanne Teoh.

(Dr Joanne Teoh is a Fellow of Trinity College, UK (Piano), as well as, a Fellow of Trinity College, UK (Violin). PhD in psychology with a focus on music and consumer behaviour.  Currently lectures at the Music Department of Universiti Putra Malaysia) that Joanne... is one heck of a 'cool-sexy' violin..!

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