Sunday, August 8, 2010

Broga Hill - The Climb...

Let me introduce you to Broga Hill or as the locals call it "Bukit Lalang" (you'll find why). Broga Hill @ Bukit Lalang name has been associated with peoples around me until I can't bear to ignore it. In fact, its an absolute a beauty hill with wonderful views for hikers and - an amazing hill landscape with full sunrise scenery view when you're on top of the hill. In this recent days, Broga Hill is getting very famous as the destination spot for novice hikers and avid nature photographers.

The beauty of this hill is the tall and dense weed (Lalang) and the spectacular view. As the hill has 4-peaks, it gives climbers the option to climb to higher peak for a wider view of the surrounding. The dense weed seems to look like they're dancing when the wind blows.
The journey begins....

My daughter and I woke up as early as 04:15hrs, all packed and set to go, we straight away drove heading to Petronas Saujana Impian, via MMR2, to meet my niece and nephews and El Zaff (my brother's friend). Stop at Petronas to perform our Subuh Prayer and continue our journey heading to Semenyih. The moment we reached Broga Hill's entrance (opposite a Rabbit Farm), we found out that we were not the early bird group, in fact, other hikers are already at top of the hill for sunrise view - hoping to catch a spectacular sunrise from the hill top. Park your car in between the space allocated. Parking rate: RM2:00..!

The starting point from the palm-oil plantation is much straight forward without hesitation. We talked and laugh like nobody business in the darkness. Dark and spooky...with our torchlights on, the initial walk is about 10 mins through an oil-palm estate. I was imagining snakes and sorts - including 'ghosts.! .. coz it was pitch BLACK all around me..!
After 45mins walk (more crawling for me..!) we reached at the middle of the hill. By this time our watches were alreay showing 07:11hrs. Ok now...let's see how little Miss Sunshine greets us... here she comes... and there we could really see the sunrise and the 'cloud sea'.... magnificent..!
It's advisable to reach earlier, probably before 06:30hrs to observe sunrise on the hill top. If you're not coming for sunrise, you can start anytime you want as long as you can stand the heat after 08:00hrs.

This is the prominent spot (before the peak), where one can pose and capture the beautiful background of the 3-toned illuminating sky... Just dont fall off..!

At the point where we met this steep path, we started to focus our energy and soul. There were many people hiking today since this hill is getting popular and always has 'traffic jam..! *LoL*. Whole peak was full of people as if theres some kind of 'carnival' going on up there..! The journey was harder than I thought... exhausted and sweat like crazy..! Walk on.. and you'll come to this 'bald' section where it's basically a huge grassland with mountain tops at the background ala 'The Sound of Music' kind. The surface is rocky and slippery. Some of them are even 60 degree steep.Making impossible to go down in standing position. You are required to 'duck-squatting' down all the way.... funny but safe..

Well done Girl.. I am proud of you..!

Going down took only half the time and required less effort. This is the first time I hike to a bold hill where only grasses and rocks can be seen up there. The trip was quite fun and eye opening.

(my niece and her BF.... yeah... I made it... - almost half dead..!)

Now, am back at I lay in my bed, writing, my legs feel like jello, my head is throbbing and my energy level down to zero... basically, I'm feeling like one of that 'Street Fighter' characters who's just one flying kick away from being KO-ed by the opponent...
How many (sane) people would actually choose to sweat, suffer and endure cramps and muscles aches from hill climbing on her Birthday's weekend? Hey..., I would...!

To El Zaff... thank you for being a very patience 'tourist guide'.


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