Sunday, August 29, 2010

My 'Little Kitchen Helper'....

It begins with simple recipes and a little direction and supervision, and leads to an adeptness in navigating the kitchen. Baking or cooking with your own kid is an art that has gone by the wayside for most busy households.

As a Mom, I often yield to the interests of my daughter when it comes to exploring her interests in the kitchen, and baking has become a pleasure ...and a 'talent' for my girl.
Baking with her, at times, can be rewarding or challenging...maybe both.

My philosophy of teaching any baking or cooking technique begins with a person's interest - my daughter's interest. I allow her interests to be my guide - and she developed her own 'strategies and styles' (whatever that means...!). I noticed that she will make some observations and I may ask questions while in the process.
Like, why did this texture happen? Do you like it?
Which way would you make this next time?

The moist chocolate cuppies baked and iced by my daughter.... (clap...clap...clap...!)

I guide her through a very basic and simple cake and cupcakes recipes closely the first few times. Then allow her to consider how to adjust. I gave her some options, including vegetable oil, butter, or a combination. As the cake and cuppies were eaten, she will notice the difference in product each time. U-huh... practice makes perfect..!

This also led to many 'what ifs'.
Mummy, what if we are out of milk?
Can we use water in the recipe in place of milk?
Can we use different oils or fats?

Look at that....! Not bad Girl.
I am not allowed to 'touch' this cake, 'coz this was made especially for her dorm-mates..!
I hope over time, my daughter can become confident and capable, building from one experience to the next, and growing into adulthood with the ability to manage her culinary interests and needs.
Remember Girl... "way to a man's heart is through his stomach.!"


eqbalzack said...

rm 500 baru keluar...hari ni kancil mak buat hal pulak...pening2!

mummy-who-cooks said...

Sabar... ada hikmahnya tu..

nadyashaakyra ;] said...

she's going to be like you,i think? ;)
*cake may pun sedap.auntie,u got a new challenger.