Friday, March 12, 2010

206-days to PMR ...

SPM results were out yesterday... lots of boo-hoo.. here and there.. regardless whether one scores or not..

To my very talented baby brother who is a Physics private tutor-cum-lecturer-cum-Loving Uncle to all his nieces and nephews-cum 'Kaki Pancing'-cum-Model.... and the list goes on and on..... check his blog: .... all I can say.. 'WELL DONE'.
Am sure all your students yang score A++ in Physics are very proud of you.

Oh yes.... the 1st mid-term School holiday starts today, for a week.
Yang nak sit for PMR tu, just a 'gentle reminder' that the countdown to PMR is.... 206-days ONLY...
If you pay attention in class, no worries, enjoy the holiday.
If you don't pay attention in class... also don't worry... that's your problem..:P !!
These cuppies I made specialy for all the Brilliant, Cazy & Nerdy boys/girls in my daughter's class (3-J).
A little something before you guys go off for your holiday.

Make sure you kids come back to school in one piece..!
Auny loves you all... muuaaah..!

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eqbalzack said...

wahhh...puji baek punya ni!
nanti ee order cupcakes byk2.....hehe