Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little Bit of Sanity

I regained a little bit of sanity from baking..:P
No wierd mixtures, not a wierd concoction. Just plain chocolate.
Dark Chocolate and some orange rind & extract... that is..

These are refreshing...light and fluffy ... serve at any occasion.
The cupcakes by themselves dont have an extreme sweetness to them, and the consistency is similar to a sponge cake. You can taste the orange rind and chocolate and can physically find them in a little pieces as well.
It all depends on your taste bud, but I prefer mine to have the orange-choc-mocha frosting. Hmm.. yummy..!
I have decorated them futher with chocolate sprinkles... just wanted to make them prettier ..!

Well, the cupcakes are almost gone now. I had brought about 20pcs to the office .... thanks to those that helped me get rid of them..! gave some to my next door neighbour... the rest were eaten by the family.

Am still trying to improve the recipe, and create a better frosting also.
There's always room for improvement, you know.
I have yet to perfect my baking...

Next up.... a carrot cake.... I think!

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