Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do I look FAT to you...???

Today's topic got nothing to do with cupcakes, or cakes, whatsoever...
One fine morning...the staff's DOB, weight & height were taken down by my VP.. wondering why and for what-on-earth it is for..? Increment and bonus doesn't need these kind of details.

Then... hey... the VP took out from under his table, this strange looking gadget called the "Body Fat Analyzer Scale" and everyone started to laugh..! You must be joking Boss..!
A "payback" time or something...?, or just because you were upset with your 'test results'?
OK.... lets see what the instructions say...

Body Mass Index (BMI) = weight(kg)/heigh(cm). Ideal BMI weight is 22.
Underweight: >18.8
Normal: >18.8, <25
Overweight: >25, <30
Obese/FAT: .30

Body Fat (BF %) for Male
Very High: >25%
High: >20%, <25%
Normal: >10%, <20%
Low: <10%

Body Fat (BF%) for Female
Very High: >35%
High: >30%, <35%
Normal: >20%, <30%
Low: <20%

Visceral Fat (VF) - Fat found in abdoment and surrounding vital organs. Too much can lad to conditions as high colesterol, heart disease and Type-2 Diabetes.
Level of Classification:
1-9% = 0 (Normal)
10-14% = + (High)
15-30% = ++ (Very High)

Body Age (BA) - BA is based on your resting metabolism. BA is calculated by using your weight and BF% to produce a guide to judge whether your BA is above or below the everage of your actual age. (Hmm..... very interesting.....)

OK, now the fun part begins ... lets calculate MY BODY FAT....

Actual age: 48 years old
Weight: 65.9 kg
Heigh: 166 cm
BMI: 23.9% (thank God.. am still at the Normal scale..!)
Body Fat: 36.5% (Yiikes...!)
Visceral Fat: 6% (phew.... Normal)
Body Age: .... of a 54 years old woman. (What..! now way man..that can't be true!)

You must be kidding me...!... and Boss... something is definitely wrong with that scale of yours...!

Hey... Do I look fat to you...??? Seriously...?? Damn...!

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