Friday, March 26, 2010

Things are 'hopping' this week...

Easter is on the way and along with it, many, many Easter cupcakes and cakes.

Last week, I put together a group of Easter ideas, to hopefully provide inspiration to bake the Easter's orders this weekend.. and came out with this...

This is a a moist chocolate cake, iced with buttercream, then layered with Marzipan, finally covered with chocolate fondant icing... bunny and flowers are made from fondant icing.
Love the 'upside-down' bunny... cute butt! And all fun to make.
I used a melon baller to scoop a small hole at the 'tree trunk' in order to fit that little bunny.

Florence, I hope the kids like the cake..

And for Margaret...who requested for a very simple but 'sweet' cuppies...
I made her chocolate moist cupcakes topped with Lime and Lemon buttercream.

I kept the lime and lemon flavour in the buttercream subtle, so that the chocolate cuppies have a chance to stand out. I added a little bit of orange zest into the batter for that zestiness. To All.....Thanks for the order.
OK, now back to the kitchen.. got couple more orders to fullfill..

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