Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guilty In The First Degree...

I have'nt been a good Aunty lately and its been a while since I visited my nieces and nephew @ Ulu Klang. We normaly 'chat' via facebook. Wonder how the kids are doing now. Then one afternoon, one of the girls sent me a note: 'Mak Lang, nak cupcake please...?

With the feeling of guilt, I put down my novel, flipped through my 'treasure cum ancient' recipe notes, pulled out my trusty cupcake pan and start whipping in the kitchen. Some fresh orange and lemon from the fridge before the 'lemonade-loving household' of mine could get to them - were my inspiration to make a batch of zinghy-moist chocolate cupcakes - knowing that the three girls (and a boy) love chocolate very much.

These jewels cuppies were extra special... they were for my little darling nieces & nephew & Adik (my sister!). They got the cuppies, the very next morning...!

Adila, Aisha, Boy, Sabrina.... hope you enjoyed the cuppies.....

Muuaaah... Mak Lang loves all of you..!

OK Adila.... Mak Lang got the hint... 16 April... right?