Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Barney & Friends... and Alya...

Hmm.... one new thing that I have to improve after venturing into this business is to watch more Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel...
Wanna know why....?

I am really hopeless when discussing about cartoon characters especially those new ones...when I received an order to do up "Barney & Friends" birthday cake, I am totally blurr!!!. (I thought my customer meant was '"Bunny - Peter Rabbit..")

Ok, I know Barney the purple looking Dino but 'the Friends"??.. beats me man!!..
Anyways, the Barney & Friends are specially done up for the sweet girl -Alya Airiesya.. I am again happy that I have managed to brighten up another kid's day with this Cake.

Happy Birthday Alya...

Thanks Azleen for the order.

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