Monday, July 5, 2010

Cupcakes for 'School Carnival Fundraiser'

Does your child's school need money for fieldtrips or supplies?
Perhaps you have a team or organization that needs to raise money for a particular activity or goal.... and a great way to raise these funds is by ...
organising 'Carnival Fundraiser'!

Last week, I received calls after calls from my niece asking for 'help' in baking cupcakes to sell at their school carnival fundraiser @ Hulu Kelang.
With a strong reminder: 'Mak Lang.... FOC ye..!
So, after giving it a thought... why not... it is for a good cause.
I don't want to make too many and the girls get stuck with them but I don't want the girls to run out of cuppies, if people want to buy!
So, I made couple of dozens of these cupcakes, mixture of....

... chocolate moist cuppies topped with chocolate ganache sprinkled with white chocolate rice..

... and vanila cuppies topped with buttercream and decorated with petite fondant roses..

...the girls had a great time selling them...!
To my niece... Nur 'Adilah & team... WELL DONE....!

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'adilah said...

thanks mak lang..:)