Friday, July 30, 2010

Claypot Chicken Rice (...without Claypot..!)

I am lazy by nature.... very lazy...

If I were to choose something to describe my laziness, its probably sloath. Yeah, I am kind of like a sloath - dont like to move around too much (especially after I gave birth 15 yrs ago), unless I really have to... except when I have to eat or when nature calls. My perfect way of spending time, if I am not at work or no baking to do..., is just to sit around and do nothing. In my opinion, being idle is one of life's greatest luxury. Sitting around, lying about, curling up in a ball on the couch, in the bed, just do nothing. Well, throw in some day dreaming here and day... you get the feel me..???

I feel lazier than usual for the past two weeks-lucky not many baking to do..! I think I must have been bitten by a giant lazy bug - I am lethargic, unmotivated, sluggish and blah.. blah.. blah... My laziness has affected my daily rituals... I havent mopped my floor for two weeks (yikes...!), have'nt vacummed since last month (yeah... my house will soon become a natural habitat for Spiderman as cobwebs are popping up everywhere..!).

Perhaps its just the hot hot weather. The heat drains my enegy and vitality. So..., I spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside having fun (... which where I should be...!)

Well....I still cook - thats good.., such as this claypot chicken rice without claypot. I love claypot chicken rice but I am too lazy to cook it from scratch. So, for convenience purposes, I use rice cooker. Hmmm... why not?? Who has time to stand in front of the stove and wait for eternity for the chicken rice to cook in the claypot while there is a "do-it-all-by-itself" rice cooker? Hellooo..... I have better things to do outside of the kitchen.

But.....Be rest assured, eventhough I am lazy, I will never sacrifice the taste or authenticity when it comes to my cooking.

OK... here we go...I got lazy again... will post the recipe in my next entry...

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