Sunday, July 18, 2010

Congrats Graduates..!

Its graduation seasons.

Graduation is a huge occasion.
Its a time for family and closed friends to celebrate, have fun and look to the future....
Its just like a wedding..!

I think this cake is really special.

This cake was made for a lovely lady for her daughter who....
...just graduated;
...starting her new job as a Doctor;
... and... to celebrate her Birthday...
...its a 3-in-1 celebration..!

Butter cake filled and iced with buttercream and covered in a thin layer of vanilla fondant and decorated with edible cap and scroll and fondant roses. Everything is edible - even the tassle..!

Congratulations Dr. Azlin.

Thank you Puan Rubiah for the order.

And to June 'the Marathon Mom' you for the recommedations.

...and to all Graduates out there... CONGRATULATIONS..!

1 comment:

- e n i g m a - said...

Hi, I'm Azlin! thank you for making the cake! it's so delicious and I was so surprise because I really love this kind of cake! Thanx!