Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blue Champions..!

World Cup 2010 over weeks ago...
...but, Football fever will forever hits the cupcakes...

This time it's another London EPL team...Chelsea FC.

What I like about this team is its jersey - Blue (my favourite colour), but on the otherhand it's one of the teams that I'm not quite familiar with, well I know Gael Kakuta - a name that is stuck on the tongue of almost every Blues supporter and often the first that comes to mind when the youth policy is concerned..

He's got pace, he's got power, he can pass and shoot brilliantly and sometimes does things with the ball reminiscent of a young Ronaldinho, and Cole... so to complete the first team list, I had help from a non Chelsea Fan (... my daughter..!) as a matter of fact (*sigh*)... LOL

I have thought of a few new or improvement ideas, if you like, but this cupcake design or format is very popular with my customers and one way or the other it's general knowledge for everyone including myself too.

The Blue Champions....Chelsea..!

Thanks El Zaffri for the order.

P/s: Hope the Tender was completed in time last night..!


eqbalzack said...

nnt jgn lupa buat yg special utk my dayang nurfaizah...hehe

mummy-who-cooks said...

Insyaallah... will try my best. Teringin juga nak tengok Dayang perform life.. tak nak bawak K/lang ke to HRC??? :( K/lang likes her suara 'serak2' tu..