Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Liverpool or Man-U..?...both please..

Two days ago, just before I am about to go to bed, my sis-in-law contacted me to ask me to make some Liverpool & Manchester United Football Club cupcakes for her son, Danial...!

She thought that it would be a lovely surprise for his son to have some LFC & MUFC cupcakes as he is such a big fan!

For the cake, I used my very favorite chocolate cake recipe. Its simple, uses ingredients that are in my cupboard, is SUPER fast to make, and tastes fantastic. Dense, moist and chocolatey. I iced these cuppies with vanilla-butter frosting and topped with couple of fondant ball s& Fan Club's logos...

... and yes.... not forgetting ... photo of the Birthday Boy...

My darling little niece, Danial, is growing up - 10 years old...

Some 1oth birthday cupcakes for a boy who supports Liverpool and Manchester United.!
I hope that Danial enjoyed his cupcakes and had a lovely party at school.


Thanks Ina for the orders.

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♥ Vee Violet ♥ said...

Kak lang, kalau macam ni per box berapa ye?